09 Dec 2021

Can your Cone crusher help you optimise your profits?

Can your Cone crusher help you optimise your profits?

First indigenously developed Cone Crusher against stiff competition/imports of Cone Crushers. Cone crushers are one of the most important construction and engineering equipment of the industry. It helps make the material being used more accessible and usable. Puzzolana has for more than five decades now delivered excellence in the field of crushers and continues to do so. They are not only investing money in developing better, higher equality and cost-effective solutions to better use the existing crushers but are also innovating to streamline the process.

The experts at Puzzolana have over the years tried and tested and understood what works best as far as cone crushers are concerned and how exactly can a company make them economically friendly while producing high quality products with the existing structure. We bring you five of the easiest ways to optimise your profits using the cone crushers you already have.

1. Consistent closed-side discharge setting (CSS)

In order to gain a consistent aggregate quality, quantity and achieve a balanced circuit, the cone crusher should be operated at a consistent closed side setting (CSS) gives a shaped and sized aggregates and quality products.

2. Maintain the ‘choke fed’ cavity level

The product quality (shape) and quantity will be optimum only if the crusher is choke fed accurately and consistently, resulting in accurate compression on the feed particles and inter particle crushing among big and smaller particles. If the crusher is operated at intermittent feeding, it creates a cavity level during the shift. Operating at a low cavity or half cavity level allows for the gradation of the final product to be a lot more coarse. This level makes the product particles flatter and more elongated. A proper choke-fed cavity level should be pursued as it will increase the effect of the crusher throughout the tonnage.

3. Make sure the feed is evenly and vertically distributed

It is always a good idea to ensure that the incoming feed material fall at the center cone head. It is important to ensure that its distribution is equal at least when placed vertically as it flows down to the center of the crusher. This will ensure that all sides of the crushing cavity remain evenly filled. If the feed is not falling at the centre it will lead to uneven loading. This will further result in a one sided wearing of the mantle and concave and affect the production.

4. Minimize surge loading for a more efficient circuit

The one thing that will surely have a bad effect on the production levels irrespective of the crusher you use is surge loading. Surge piles or feed hoppers along with variable frequency (speed) drives and feeding devices can be used to provide a better and more consistent feed control to the crusher. This allows for the crusher to run at a very steady cavity level. A cone crusher’s productivity can be very easily increased by a minimum of 10 % by having better feed control.

5. Remove the fines or sticky material

It is always mandatory to ensure the wet fines or sticky material from the feed stream are removed before it reaches the crushing chamber. This will help avoid the feed material from getting packed within the crushing chamber and further effect the gripping and transfer of load onto the feed material and acts like grinder if the material is abrasive