09 Dec 2021

Pioneering a global movement of excellence in engineering solutions

Pioneering a global movement of excellence in engineering solutions

Innovation, steady growth and global expansion are three factors that keep any business running. Constant research and development allows for a company to stay focused, true to their vision and grow their business exponentially, benefiting not only themselves, but all of their stakeholders too. Puzzolana is no different.

The rising global footprint of Puzzolana, hints towards the growth of the company and the existing requirements for the services that Puzzolana offers. Pioneers in the field of engineering solutions, Puzzolana’s global footprint is testimony to the fact that not only is the company growing the right way but that they are truly the frontrunners as solution partners in the infrastructure and crusher industry.

With more than 50 plants internationally, Puzzolana’s global projects are helping to build a more dependant, secure and sustainable plants from India  for everyone else but are also innovating to reduce overall costs as well as build economically friendly equipment.

Of the many plants that Puzzolana has world over they have seven plants working on remote  road projects in the Sultanate of Onam, followed by four commercial plants catering to the same sector in Afghanistan, in Oman and three more sand plants in the Sultanate of Oman also being used for road projects. There are four more plants in Oman alone ranging from having a capacity of 250 TPH to 650 TPH.

Puzzolana supplied 600 TPH commercial plant in Fujairah Mines, Other than the middle east Puzzolana has five plants in Nepal with four of them being 200 TPH and one 250 TPH capacity. In African continent there are two plants of 300 TPH in Libya and a 320 TPH plant for Redimix Concrete Unit of International Cement Company Lafarge

There is also one plant in Bhutan with a 180 TPH capacity and in Global bidding established a 350TPH crushing plant to LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Ltd. 650TPH Bulk Conveying system for barge loading of aggregates

Puzzolana’s global footprint is a reflection of the company’s dedication towards growing and pushing for the sector as a whole to develop and soar to new heights. With steady profits reinvested into research and development Puzzolana is constantly trying to find sustainable solutions for their partners allowing for their services to not only be one-of-a-kind solutions but also build a name for themselves that is synonymous with excellence, growth and engineering equipment.

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