To cater to the enhanced requirement of manufactured sand as stipulated norms of International standards, lead to the development fine & super fine Cone crushers of Floating shaft & bearings design for high reduction and high capacity in relation to size. They are to give very good product shape.


The sanders are available in three sizes and can accept a feed up to 40mm and produce sand (-)4.75mm with control on (-) 150 microns up to a capacity 50TPH.




  1. Introduced sander for producing the manufactured sand from the feed size (-)40 to 5mm in to (-)4.75mm sand as per IS 383, Zone II.
  2. Feed from secondary stage (-)40mm to produce (-)20 -10mm & sand (-) 4.75mm product with (-)150 micron in the specified limits.
  3. Enhanced requirement of 0-16mm (170TPH) capacity for bituminous layers in road projects or for concrete works.

NOTE: For more details regarding models and specifications please download the product brochure.