Puzzolana High Speed Screen is most effective for Fine Screening application with Low Amplitude.


High Slope at the feed end enables the material to move faster and fines pass through the sieve meshes quicker to allow stratification by the separation of large particles from fine ones. The inclination is less in the middle and discharge Section, which reduces the transport speed in the sections a good Separation Achieved.


Available in single & double deck options and from size 1500x 4200mm to 2400x 6000mm up to 100tph capacity for separation of 1 to 2mm fractions in (-)6mm.



  1. It is very efficient screen when there is high Content of fines in the feed.
  2. Very Compact Screen Easy to Install.
  3. Linear Vibration With High G Force (5 G),with Vibrating Motors.
  4. Improved Efficiency in Sizing Material due to formation of a thin Bed Depth.

NOTE: For more details regarding models and specifications please download the product brochure.