Today Puzzolana is the Market leader in India with more than 2000 Plant Installation, almost double the number of plants supplied by the 2nd & 3rd Leading MNCS.

All our Machines are developed with latest technology to minimize the cost of production. In fact it is the products and service that gave the name & fame to our company. Prompt and efficient after sales & service is our major plus point over competitors.

Aggregates, Cement, Iron ore, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Mineral Processing, Quarries, Paper, Sugar, Steel and many others. The installation of Puzzolana products would not only ensure cost reduction in initial investment but also contribute substantially to the successful and economical operation of the plant and machinery supplied by us.

Puzzolana has a wide net work of dealers on state wise with offices located in all major cities and crushing Jones. With stock points, at major towns.

Following unique advantage/ difference compared to other manufacturers, Puzzolana is working to become a “Solution Partner” by providing following services, to our customers so that they can focus on their main business of making Road/ Dam project, with a CAP on the crushing costs

Pre Order Support:
• Study the site condition and recommend a layout for creating the best stocks and maintenance friendly
• Test the Ore samples to arrive at the wear life and recommend the Mn. Steel casting specification.
• By this the customer can arrive at cost/ton of production

Parts Contract:
• Based on above work we can commit/ limit the cost/Ton of spares consumption and anything beyond will be to the account of Puzzolana.
• Commitment on the Plant availability.
• Training of your operations team for optimum utilization of plant

Maintenance Contract:
• Ensure that parts are available at site.
• Supervisory services for maintenance of plant/ change of parts etc.,
• Availability and ensure the capacity of plant.
• Training of your operations team for optimum utilization of plant.

Operation & Maintenance Contract:
• Ensure availability of all parts.
• Periodic maintenance of Plant including Labour.
• Operation of Plant with our/ our sub contractor team.
• Ensure that your required quantities and sizes of aggregate is available for use.

We also support Major Equipments of the Plant –under program “life cycle support”
• Pre-decide the time say 6-7 years for major overhauls of crushers at our factory or our other workshops in India.

After the completion of this project period or Production of a pre-committed quantity of aggregates. We can implement support to you by supply of genuine parts and ensure Plant operates at per our Operation and maintenance practices. Alternately the plant is to be under our maintenance contract (C)/ Operation and Maintenance contract (D).

There are individual contractors/ aggregate suppliers, who can do the quarrying, set up our Crushing & Screening Plant ( either from their existing plants/buying a new plant) and supply aggregates of pre agreed Quantities on Cost per Ton basis

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